Tiva & 12 Months

It was a very busy year! Allot of new things happened in my life; some choices had to be made and some were made willingly…but I’m very happy with the results. During the winter I spent most of the time illustrating this lovely book, “Tiva in 12 mesecev”. It’s a story about a little girl that discovers something beautiful and magical in every moment and month of one particular year. Written by Slovene writers Nina Kokelj and Kruno Antonić, it’s a wonderful gift for real-life Tiva and a great reminder of how we all used to see the world when we were little…everything was new and fresh and meaningful. We had time to stop and really see things, really feel. Too much information is readily available these days, and in that overflow it’s so easy to lose touch with oneself. It’s a great gift to be able to perceive life without all the embellishments. Grateful for the reminder, I truly enjoyed working on this book. The preview can be seen here: