Not from an aquarium…

This fish is just too ugly. It’s popular name is blackdevil angler fish, I think, and it’s my latest source of inspiration. Swimming through eternal darkness of 3000ft and more, this little monster is, luckily, not bigger than several inches, and it feeds on things bigger than it is (that’s the reason for it’s ugly big jaw). I saw a photo of it surrounded by plankton, I guess,ย  little white dots that looked like stars in the night sky…and it made me think of the dark, unexplored depths of space. Some people imagine that monsters live far among the distant stars (a good portion of sci-fi writers, at least), and we know for sure there are “things” that look like monsters at the bottom of the sea. I’m still not sure how to connect all this, but I think there’s a link, something in common for the human subconscious, the space, and the oceans. The farther or deeper one goes, see or sky, the scarier it seems…in thought (space) as well as reality (our oceans).
But the truth is, this fish is just another animal, living it’s life, minding it’s own business, and probably not very concerned with how ugly it is.
Not familiar with the devil concept, either.

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  1. Anabananacita

    Hi Boky! This is a beautiful watercolor image…really nice feel to it and I love the way you’ve captured the glow of the eye, the protuberance, and the “stars” under the sea. And, yes, the bottom of the ocean as a universe of it’s own. I don’t know if you’re familiar with the writings of Carl Jung, but his work involves thoughts such as your own…the ocean as a symbol for the collective unconscious, that which we have access to in our dreams and in the shared archetypes. The fish, I think, is an archetype, but I am not sure what it represents. Anyway, your thoughts here are thought provoking and I understand the link of the fish, the deep ocean, and the subconscious. “Man and His Symbols,” by Jung, is a very good book to read if this subject interests you.

    And, yes, I don’t think the fish bothers itself with its ugliness or with thoughts of the devil or anything else for that matter! They appear to be a litte brainless in that way!

    Love and peace, Boky!

  2. Anabananacita

    oh, and by the way, my latest image is pure digital.

    I am thinking though, with the next image, that I might get out the real pencil, ink, and paper though.

    your watercolor here is inspiring…

  3. Hey Ana ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thanks for the comments!
    Actually, I read that book and I liked it allot; funny thing about that, I remember having quite a few “archetypical” dreams while reading the book…it’s as if my subconscious was provoked…:) I read another few books by Jung (yes, I’m very interested in that subject matter!)…”Jung and Tarot”, “Aeon” etc…well, I’m glad my thoughts are “thought provoking” ๐Ÿ˜‰

    There is something very appealing about the good old brush and pen. Digital is great, and I love the “clean” feeling I get in Photoshop, Painter, and of course, the unbeatable undo :D…but nothing beats the texture of watercolor paper, tiny grains of color dissolving in water…I love it, it’s almost yummy ๐Ÿ™‚ And that goes for oil painting, too…those two are my favorite techniques:)

    Looking forward to your next image :)))

    Have a great day,


  4. Predivno ruzno …
    Podvodni svijet je odraz svemira … ima jedna prica koju se sjecam u magli , citao sam je kad sam bio mali , ali eto , sjetih se sad … o nekom
    bicu koje je stvaralo svemir , i morao je da ga nosi u posudama i ne prolije niti jednu kap … ali jedna je pala u okean…
    On english: There was a creature that creates space by carriying it in a large pots , and accidently drop one drop into the ocean …thats all that i can remmember of one story that i read a long time ago , in my childhood …

  5. Ma nema frke, bitno je da je jasno napisano, a jeste ๐Ÿ™‚ Ako se setis ko je pisao pricu, pliz javi…vrlo zanimljivo!

  6. mislim da je to bila necija bajka , indijska ili nesto slicno …
    zaista nemoguce da se sjetim , cudi me kako sam iskopao i ovoliko … ali to su oni trenutci koji su ti zacinili djetinjstvo i ostala je aroma negdje u podsvjesti …:P

  7. Ali super koincidencija ๐Ÿ™‚ volela bih da saznam jednog dana koja je to prica u svakom slucaju; hvala na dragocenoj informaciji, Ozzy:D

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