Foxes on the way

Last Friday, I mailed this illustration to Sarmede, applying for the XXVI Mostra Internazionale dell’Illustrazione per l’Infanzia.
I hope it will pass the selection and be exhibited in Sarmede in October.  The theme of this year’s exhibition is “The call of the ice kingdom, tales from the Arctic Regions”…so this is how I envisioned 2 foxes hunting elk.  Although I’m drawing stuff all the time, I rarely partake in exhibitions and competitions. It’s probably just a bad habit, but I hardly ever find the time to draw/paint something that has nothing to do with work…something that’s not for sale.  I hope to change that habit soon, this is one of my first attempts after a long time.  Keep your fingers crossed for me please 🙂
This illustration was done (mostly) in acrylic, the size is 30×40 cm.  Some details were lost in scanning (and I really hate what scanners do to original artwork), but luckily I also took some photos of the illustration before I sent it away.  Your comments are welcome!:)

18 thoughts on “Foxes on the way”

  1. Thanks Marco, it involved allot of smearing, smudging and scratching…:)

    3ster, thank you!:) I hope it will go well…I would definitely like to do more children’s illustration.

  2. Thanks you Bonaska, glad you took time to comment!:) Wow, you think they are poetic..? Very happy to hear that…

    Aurora, good to see you again, and thank you for the uplifting comment…hope you’re right!;)

  3. this is beautiful, boky! i’ve always admired people with vast variety of styles and each of them looks as elaborate as if you’ve spent the whole life practicing it. do you have more illustrations like ones in your ‘traveling’ post (which, btw, you could’ve show a bit bigger) ?

  4. Thank you Pagas!:) It turned out that acrylic is much more “user friendly” (at least for me) than gouache…

    Thanks Dzuka!!:) Yes, there’s more of those little people…I’ll post some more. Yes, I know those are small, but I was too lazy to change it once I realised what I posted…;)

  5. Absolutely beautiful! I love the subtlety of the fur. wonderful composition as well. also, I have such a love of all things northern.

  6. Thank you Eric!:) Yes, you are close to the Great North…:)
    This is a Yupik story; they have some really inspiring folk tales!

    Thanks for stopping by Ken, glad you like my work!:D

    Hvala Ozzy, pa dugo te nije bilo!:))

  7. Dakle, fenomenalno!
    Mozda ovo nije toliko vazno pominjati, ali teksture(kamena, llijino krzno je meko ko dusha!) i hladnoca i vlaga ambijenta; sve je tu!
    ko i uvijek, super!

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