December in Belgrade

The first photo was taken yesterday, at the Kalemegdan park, which looks magical under the new snow!
The second photo was taken during a chilly evening of 23rd of Dec…
a part of the old town is visible, and in the background,  sitting on top of a hill,
is the fortress/park of Kalemegdan.

14 thoughts on “December in Belgrade”

  1. Your city is so beautiful. I would be embarrassed to show pictures of “December in LA” 🙂

    Wonderful stuff here in your blog. I think my favorite is “Scribbler”. Maybe because it reminds me of Mucha…one of my heros.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I left a reply to your questions on my “Surf’s Up post #12”

  2. Hi Jeremy!
    Thank you so much for the uplifting comments, and for stopping by…will visit your blog soon!

    Dzuka, hvala puno na lepim zeljama-isto takodje i tebi zelim!;))

    Hi Paul! I’m really happy you had some time to visit my blog! I have to add, not all of my city is beautiful, but I found some good angles for these pics 😉
    Thanks for the comments, I really appreciate them!!:) Mucha is one of my heroes, too…

  3. Anabananacita

    hi Boky! Happy New YEAR! The photos are beautiful! It is wonderful to see your side of the world! show more!!!!!!

  4. Wow, those two pictures are amazing…I loved the city’s colours, and the forest composition.
    Really nice pictures!
    Cheers from Madrid!

  5. Ne zelim da ti se ispune sve zelje u Novoj godini , jer bez zelja i nadanja nismo niko … Zelim da ti se ispuni dovoljno zelja u ovoj godini da budes ispunjena , a ostale da zelis jednako kao i prije , da te tjeraju da budes bolja osoba… 😉
    Inace bilo je dobro ovih par dana u Beogradu , jedino sto nisam navikao na toliko sivilo i bljuzgu koju snijeg napravi 😛

  6. Mimi, hvala za lepe zelje:)

    Hey Ana, great to hear from you again!!:) My best wishes to you in 2008. Will be posting more photos, except that I’ll probably upload them on flickr, and I’ll let you know then…

    Hi Matias! Thanks for the comments 🙂

    Ozzy, da si isao na Kalis, ne bi bilo bljuzge! Ali da, to je Beogradsko zimsko prokletstvo-sve je super dok ne moras napolje na sneznu ulicu :0

  7. Who the fuck is Tico?

    Takodjer sve najbolje u 2008.
    Dobre fotke! Nadam se da che se snijeg otopiti prije nego navratim u BG. Brrrrrrr! Naftalinka Rusalka odlična. Trebala bi napraviti knjigu o mitološkim bićima Srbije i šire okoline. Uf!

  8. Beautifil post and beautiful place!
    Your work and your stile are amazing. Specially the girl in her living room.Wow! See you and if you don’t mind, i’ll link you in my blog!

  9. Hej Tico, citas mi misli…:) Radice se o Slovenskim mitoloskim bicima…ali sve u svoje vreme 🙂

    Hi Antonio! 🙂 Thanks for the compliments, they are very appreciated! And thank you so much for linking me to your blog!:)

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