Toddler Time


Recently I had the opportunity to illustrate a very sweet little book about a girl who gets a baby toy, and pretends it’s her own kid. She takes her to the doctor’s, for a family vacation, feeds her, reads to her and pretty much includes her in every aspect of her life, imaginary or real. Maybe the best part about it was being able to revisit my comic book drawing days. It was great to work with a nib and ink again, and use only splashes of colour to emphasize details…I sure miss that way of drawing and painting. I love going into details, and filling out the working surface as much as possible, and this was a completely different experience-one has to know when to stop. The book was published by Sodobnost International in Slovenia in 2018.

Folk Tales of India

This is a selection of illustrations from my new picture book, “Folk Tales of India”. It was published by the Slovene Sodobnost international early in 2017. A wonderful subject matter to illustrate, it was equally an honour and a challenge. I’ve also included a couple of preliminary sketches, to show a bit of the creative process. All illustrations were painted with acrylic paint, with some details in gouache.

Vilko & Azalea

The latest instalment in our kitty saga has been published!  Vilko meets his cousin Azalea, and…well, it might get translated into English soon, so I won’t reveal much of the story at the moment 🙂 But I’m really happy with the way it turned out…

The Dark Lands


There is a story about how an emperor, who having reached the end of the world with his army, entered the Dark Lands, where you could not see anything.

Not knowing how they would return, they left their mares’ colts behind, so that the mares would guide them back out of the darkness.

They entered the Dark Lands, and as they walked through them the entire time they felt that they were walking on some small stones. Suddenly a voice bellowed out of the darkness:

“Whosoever takes these stones shall regret it, and who does not, shall also regret it!”

Some of the men thought

“If I’m going to regret it, why should I carry them?”

And yet others thought

“Well, I should take at least one.”

When they came back into the World, they realized that all the stones were gems. And then those who did not take any regretted terribly, and those who did – regretted not taking more.

Serbian folk tale