Back home from Sarmede :)

Well, after another long break (or rather, after an active vacation) I’m finally ready to make a new post! This time though, I had a good reason for delay… just came back from the trip, and I’m still sorting out the photos & impressions I brought back.  So many people, so many new faces…and some dear people I haven’t seen in 14 years prior to this trip!
After a wonderful reunion with my Slovenian family, I proceeded to Italy.  At the end of June, I attended the International school of illustration in Sarmede (to be more exact, in Montaner, a lovely small town in the province of Treviso).


Many houses in Sarmede are decorated by frescoes, done by famous illustrators throughout the years.

The Summer School, founded by Stepan Zavrel, is offering its annual programme of illustration courses every year.  The advanced illustration course I attended was basically a 5 day workshop, lasting from 09:30 am till 19 pm, luckily including a lunch break 😉  I met a bunch of wonderful and friendly Italian fellow artists.  The workshop was held in elementary school of Montaner, named after the II WW heroine Giovanna Faè.  I took the liberty of posting a pic of my group, and you can also see how our working space was organized (and the wall where we were posting our illos once they were finished).


The workshop was held by Jindra Capek, internationally acclaimed children’s illustrator.

The theme of the 26th international exhibition of illustrations for children was the Great North-tales from the Arctic region (Inuit, Lapponi, Kutchin stories…).  That was also the main theme for our workshop.  What follows are my illustrations, and I didn’t exactly stick to the Arctic story lines..I experimented with different techniques.


I had an amazing time, although my schedule was extremely hectic… we were practising different traditional painting techniques all day long, and learning secrets of the trade from our maestro Jindra 🙂  He doesn’t have a website at the moment ( I guess he’s too busy to get down to it), but you can check out some of his work here:
or around the Internet.  At the same time I was there, another great illustrator held an illustration course in Sarmede. His name is Svjetlan Junakovic, and some of you who visit this blog might have heard of him before. Luckily I had a chance to meet him and chat with him for a little while 🙂
What’s really cool about these two artists is that they have totally totally different working techniques, but the final work they produce is equally intriguing, to say the least:)

I have to say that this course was like a breath of fresh air.  I really enjoyed attending school again, and learning new things…:)  It was a very inspiring experience, and I’m looking forward to using what I learned (or at least taking a shot at it;)) Also, it was wonderful to meet fellow artists from Italy, and exchange experiences and opinions with them…I hope to go back again some time!

14 thoughts on “Back home from Sarmede :)”

  1. Thanks RE! It was a fantastic journey…:)

    Ozzy!!:D You’re my biggest fan;)
    Hvala, nadam se da cu opravdati ocekivanja…pravo da ti kazem i ja ocekujem bolje radove od sebe same!;)

    Hey Eric, thanks for stopping by again!:) And thanks for cheering me…it was a great experience, I truly learned allot!

  2. hej, boki!
    ni na odmor bez crtanja, ha? stvarno, kapa dole…
    i super su ti oni crtezici iz prethodnog posta. zanimljivo mi je vidjet i razlicite stvari koje radis.

  3. Hvala Bane, sega putovanje, pa sega i post (sega-mega)…:)

    Thank you Pablo!:)

    Hvala Dzuka 🙂 iskreno, to bas i nije bio odmor, vec aktivna jurnjava…:) ali nema veze, bilo je i lepo i korisno (sad se tek odmaram)…

  4. Trister, thank you!:) If I may say, you might enjoy such a course:) Svjetlan Junakovic also teaches in Spain, but I’m not sure in which city…

    Thanks Cecilia!:)

  5. These are amazing. Wow, I don’t know what to say, they’re mysterious and look as though they were done three hundred years ago. Beautiful work.

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