Foxes on the way

Last Friday, I mailed this illustration to Sarmede, applying for the XXVI Mostra Internazionale dell’Illustrazione per l’Infanzia.
I hope it will pass the selection and be exhibited in Sarmede in October.  The theme of this year’s exhibition is “The call of the ice kingdom, tales from the Arctic Regions”…so this is how I envisioned 2 foxes hunting elk.  Although I’m drawing stuff all the time, I rarely partake in exhibitions and competitions. It’s probably just a bad habit, but I hardly ever find the time to draw/paint something that has nothing to do with work…something that’s not for sale.  I hope to change that habit soon, this is one of my first attempts after a long time.  Keep your fingers crossed for me please 🙂
This illustration was done (mostly) in acrylic, the size is 30×40 cm.  Some details were lost in scanning (and I really hate what scanners do to original artwork), but luckily I also took some photos of the illustration before I sent it away.  Your comments are welcome!:)

Back home from Sarmede :)

Well, after another long break (or rather, after an active vacation) I’m finally ready to make a new post! This time though, I had a good reason for delay… just came back from the trip, and I’m still sorting out the photos & impressions I brought back.  So many people, so many new faces…and some dear people I haven’t seen in 14 years prior to this trip!
After a wonderful reunion with my Slovenian family, I proceeded to Italy.  At the end of June, I attended the International school of illustration in Sarmede (to be more exact, in Montaner, a lovely small town in the province of Treviso).


Many houses in Sarmede are decorated by frescoes, done by famous illustrators throughout the years.

The Summer School, founded by Stepan Zavrel, is offering its annual programme of illustration courses every year.  The advanced illustration course I attended was basically a 5 day workshop, lasting from 09:30 am till 19 pm, luckily including a lunch break 😉  I met a bunch of wonderful and friendly Italian fellow artists.  The workshop was held in elementary school of Montaner, named after the II WW heroine Giovanna Faè.  I took the liberty of posting a pic of my group, and you can also see how our working space was organized (and the wall where we were posting our illos once they were finished).


The workshop was held by Jindra Capek, internationally acclaimed children’s illustrator.

The theme of the 26th international exhibition of illustrations for children was the Great North-tales from the Arctic region (Inuit, Lapponi, Kutchin stories…).  That was also the main theme for our workshop.  What follows are my illustrations, and I didn’t exactly stick to the Arctic story lines..I experimented with different techniques.


I had an amazing time, although my schedule was extremely hectic… we were practising different traditional painting techniques all day long, and learning secrets of the trade from our maestro Jindra 🙂  He doesn’t have a website at the moment ( I guess he’s too busy to get down to it), but you can check out some of his work here:
or around the Internet.  At the same time I was there, another great illustrator held an illustration course in Sarmede. His name is Svjetlan Junakovic, and some of you who visit this blog might have heard of him before. Luckily I had a chance to meet him and chat with him for a little while 🙂
What’s really cool about these two artists is that they have totally totally different working techniques, but the final work they produce is equally intriguing, to say the least:)

I have to say that this course was like a breath of fresh air.  I really enjoyed attending school again, and learning new things…:)  It was a very inspiring experience, and I’m looking forward to using what I learned (or at least taking a shot at it;)) Also, it was wonderful to meet fellow artists from Italy, and exchange experiences and opinions with them…I hope to go back again some time!

December in Belgrade

The first photo was taken yesterday, at the Kalemegdan park, which looks magical under the new snow!
The second photo was taken during a chilly evening of 23rd of Dec…
a part of the old town is visible, and in the background,  sitting on top of a hill,
is the fortress/park of Kalemegdan.


A very old drawing,  done back in the days when acid-free paper wasn’t that common.  That particular sketchbook travelled with me across the ocean and back some years later, then it was left on a shelf for years, and it collected allot of dust.
A few days ago, I found it again, and while browsing through its yellowed papers, I had a feeling
that could be described as travelling back in time… to the days before
the war of the 90’s, carefree days of high school…I was reading allot of Fantasy back then, so I filled out a couple of sketchbooks with ideas and doodles. Back then, this was just another sketch that turned out good( in my opinion).  But now, when I look at her, I think of her as a Rusalka.
This drawing reminds me of the days I thought everything was possible… years later, I realised that’s not exactly true…but the magic remains the same 🙂

Happy Winter Solstice, Merry Xmas, Happy New Year and Sretan Božic!!!

“In Slavic mythology, a rusalka (plural:rusalki) was a female ghost, water nymph, succubus or mermaid-like demon that dwelled in a waterway.”( Wikipedia).

Lazy lazy


Well, I didn’t realise it’s almost December.  I thought it’s been a couple of weeks since my last post…but no, it’ been almost 2 months.  Now that’s a long time.  You could do allot in 60 days!  But not me.  I’m mostly keeping warm, drinking hot chocolate… watching TV (there’s nothing on, of course)…occasionally I make doodles…and I sketch, which is the peak of my effort these days.
And this is one of the results, the new character from the comic book I’m working on… the cleaning lady!!! She’s been in the story since the beginning, but I never really sat down to develop the character.  Of course, these are sketches…I’m still a long way from the model sheet :)…what can I do, it’s winter time.  Who does more than they have to in winter time?? 🙂 just kidding.  See you all later.

Not from an aquarium…

This fish is just too ugly. It’s popular name is blackdevil angler fish, I think, and it’s my latest source of inspiration. Swimming through eternal darkness of 3000ft and more, this little monster is, luckily, not bigger than several inches, and it feeds on things bigger than it is (that’s the reason for it’s ugly big jaw). I saw a photo of it surrounded by plankton, I guess,  little white dots that looked like stars in the night sky…and it made me think of the dark, unexplored depths of space. Some people imagine that monsters live far among the distant stars (a good portion of sci-fi writers, at least), and we know for sure there are “things” that look like monsters at the bottom of the sea. I’m still not sure how to connect all this, but I think there’s a link, something in common for the human subconscious, the space, and the oceans. The farther or deeper one goes, see or sky, the scarier it seems…in thought (space) as well as reality (our oceans).
But the truth is, this fish is just another animal, living it’s life, minding it’s own business, and probably not very concerned with how ugly it is.
Not familiar with the devil concept, either.


This is a pencil study of a character from my comic. She’s very much into Tarot cards, therefore using them on daily basis, for all kinds of questions and dilemmas she might have…