A Star

Welcome to my new blog!:-) I’m really happy I can finally share my web pages with you, including my brand new website, and that is the main reason I moved from Blogger to WP…I wanted to have it all nicely organized.  Luckily I had an option to simply import all my posts, comments and links from Blogger.  It’ll probably take some time to get adjusted to the new blogging environment though…;-) Also, visitors will be able to comment without having to register with WP.
This is an illustration of a fairytale by Grozdana Olujic about a star who came down to Earth because she fell in love with a shepherd. I thought she’d be a nice image to start with…:)

Hope to see you all soon!

13 thoughts on “A Star”

  1. Sjajan pocetak! Puno srece u blogerskim vodama od mene, ali od citave ekipe UPPSa – ekspresno cemo najaviti preseljenje bloga! 😉

  2. Hi Bojana! I’m looking forward to continuing to read your blog. Keep posting that wonderful artwork. I’ve already gone to your website and looked through some of the portfolio. Fantastic… as usual. 🙂

    1. Thank you Albert! I also used watercolor pencils…just discovered those, they are really practical 😉

  3. Ej!
    Izlozba je odlicna, vektori su ti brilijatni, bilo je pitanje sekunda kad ces se i u tome oprobati.. al gospodjice; ono je masterclass!!!
    Stvarno si majstor(ica)!


  4. U laktasima je bilo fenomenalno… mirno , a uzbudljivo … bila je super ekipa, vrlo inspirativna … Zao mi je sto nisi bila tu , i ovom prilikom cestitke za izlozbu … Malo kasnim , znam , ali nadam se da ce biti uvazeno 😉

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